About Us

This is an introduction into my skin care journey. After a traumatic and stressful divorce, my skin broke out with acne which I had never experienced before in my adolescence. I tried many products on the market which caused more inflammation and dryness in my skin, after this i decided to research into treatments for my skin....with my own background in chemistry, I decided to study and take my knowledge further....i received my certification and developed a treatment to reduce the dark pigmentation on my skin left over from the cystic acne. I developed a 100% natural, vegan, organic skin care range suitable for all skin care types and mature skin with no harmful side effects.   

Our mission: At Rosehip skincare , our aim is the create a " luxury & clean skincare products in affordable prices".
With the purest natural plant oils and luxurious botanical ingredients and extracts, our products work in harmony to deliver triple duty beauty by hydrating, protecting and promoting radiant skin to all skin types specially for the sensitive skin.

Our philosophy: Rosehip skincare by Sam philosophy is to" turn your beauty routine into a ritual using sustainable skincare that will make your skin glow". to achieve that we are using natural, vegan and organic ingredients, Also we use recyclable and reusable packaging to minimize impact on the environment while creating clean skincare that works.