Amethyst Gua-Sha

Amethyst Gua-Sha

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The Amethyst Gua-Sha is your go-to tool to assist in contouring and sculpting the face while enhancing the penetration and effectiveness of your skincare. With daily use, our sustainably harvested Amethyst Gua-Sha can help reduce fine lines, stimulate collagen, encourage lymphatic drainage, decrease puffiness and enhance skin cell renewal. Energetically Gua-Sha’s can also assist in decreasing stress and improving sleep.
Gua-Sha’s been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and are a signature part of acupuncture facials. They can help stimulate the dermis to support collagen and elastin production, manipulates areas of tension to relax facial muscles, increase lymphatic flow, and helps to release congestion and toxicity: resulting in a brighter, healthier, more radiant complexion.

How often should you do a Gua-Sha facial?

You’ll notice the best results if you do it every day, but since even taking our multivitamins every day is hard enough, experts say two to three times per week will do.

How to use Gua-Sha?

Holding the tool at a 30 to 45-degree angle, very gently pull/scrape it across your skin. As a rule, all movements should be upward and follow lymphatic flow. Repeat each movement three to five times before moving onto the next area of your skin.
Once you’ve applied face oil on your skin, simply follow the below steps:

  • Neck: Section your neck into four areas and scrape each section from the bottom up.
  • Jawline and Chin: Glide your tool upwards from the center of the chin out to the earlobe to contour the jaw.
  • Lips: Glide over your lips back and forth about five times for a plumping effect.
  • Cheek: Start at the nose and work upwards in a sweeping motion along the cheeks and cheekbones, moving outwards toward your ears. Scrape once, then move down a bit and scrape again, move down a bit more to the center of the chin and scrape again.
  • Under-Eye: Start in the inner corner of the eye and glide outwards to the temple.
  • Brows: Glide upwards along the brow bone - going from the inside out.
  • Forehead: Start at the center of the forehead and divide your forehead into three sections and glide your tool outwards. Scrape once, then move down a bit and scrape again.